The Importance of Hydration & Electrolytes

While planning menus for our backcountry food services, and when creating recipes for our dehydrated dinner entrées, full consideration is given to salt and electrolytes. Many of us monitor our sodium intake and while this is very important – critical for some – we mustn’t forget the imprtance of maintaining our electrolyte levels. Are you a “salty sweat-er“? If your hats and shirts have white stains when they dry after exercise, that’s salt and you need to replace it!

Proper hydration is essential while active on backcountry adventures. We all know this to be true. What may not be common knowledge is that when we eat dried meals (dehydrated or freeze-dried), your body may require even more liquids to stay properly hydrated – especially if dry meals are not properly rehydrated when prepared in the field.

Not drinking enough water and failure to maintain proper electrolyte levels can create problems for our bodies from muscle cramping, stomach issues, loss of energy, and loss of focus to more serious cardiac issues. Stay hydrated and prepare all dried food according to instructions.

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