Tips & Insights for Staying Hydrated While on Backcountry Adventures

Here are some of our nuggets of experience mixed in with some important and commonly known tips for staying hydrated while on your backcountry adventure:

  • Begin your trip fully hydrated. Start hydrating before your scheduled departure. Even days before!
  • Avoid diruretics – reasonable amount of coffee, tea and caffeine drinks are okay.
  • On warm days, keep your body covered from direct sunlight.
  • Don’t over-dress on cold days – you will sweat more.
  • Take small frequent sips of liquids throughout your day. Drinking a liter of water when you wake up is not going to keep you hydrated all day. Your body can only absorb so much liquid at a time.
  • Drink liquids with meals.
  • Avoid alcohol – although a small sip of scotch is often required kit for any trip.
  • Remember, at higher elevations your body needs more liquids
  • Electrolytes are an important part of keeping hydrated. You need salt.
  • Drink before you are thirsty.
  • Pace yourself if possible to avoid over-heating. Long steady pace is what wins it for the Hare!
  • Don’t over-hydrate. Too much water can potentially lower your appetite, plus you will be up all night heading to the biffy.
  • Drink fluids at the end of your activity. This is essential to maintain your hydration-level for the next day.
  • Consider using a water filter or some other purification process if you are relying on rivers, streams or lakes to refill your water bottle. Even glacial fed streams can contain bowel-disrupting bacteria. Diarrhea is the ultimate dehydrator.

Planning for proper  hydration in the backcountry is critical for physical performance, and it is essential for your overall experience and success!

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