Food Programs for Backcountry Camping & Huts

Food Programs for Backcountry Camping & Huts

  Hiking, climbing, skiing and walking are all great adventures in the Canadian Rockies and many are based from backcountry campsites or huts. Most huts have good cooking facilities including gas stove tops, cooking pots, utensils and clean up stations. On the other hand, backcountry campsite menus require careful consideration of the limited cooking facilities (often one pot, one stove); the season and expected weather while out; and, the activities planned.

  When choosing our full food service we begin with customizing the menu for your tastes, nutritional needs and with enough calories to meet the physical demands of the daily objectives you plan while on your adventure. Food is carried in and so weight also becomes a key focus when designing a suitable menu for hut-based or backcountry campsite accommodations.

  We can provide all the food provisions you need for preparing and enjoying our custom backcountry food menus. We can build menus for both short and long trips, and they are customized to your needs once an order is placed.


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