Dehydrated Dinner Entrées

Dehydrated Dinner Entrées

  Planning a menu to meet individual and group tastes and their nutrition needs, and preparing the food while in the backcountry is complex.

  Visitors to the area, who are concerned about high quality food availability or simply don’t have the time to source it locally when you arrive in Banff/Canmore/Canadian Rockies, can contact us to provide dinners and other food products to ease your planning burden.

  When you are creating your own food menu for an upcoming backcountry adventure, our dehydrated dinners provide a great range of flavour options to compliment any single or multi-day menu you create. Check out the useful knowledge in our blog on nutrition & menu planning for the backcountry. All of our dinner entrées in the online shop have nutrition information available to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Need some inspiration? Ask the kitchen!


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