Bulk & Military Orders

Bulk & Military Orders

  Yamnuska Backcountry Kitchen bulk ordering programs are ideal for base camp settings. Our dehydrated meals rehydrate quickly, are easily prepared for large groups and are a definite morale boost for tired and hungry groups.

  Cooks will appreciate how easy the meals are to prepare and re-hydrate. As with all of our dehydrated meals temperature does not impact the quality of the food so no refrigeration or cooling is required.

  The product can also be stored below freezing and can experience freeze/thaw cycles with no impact to the food quality and performance.

  Many work sites, camps and training activities are ideal for our bulk ordering service. Some examples include: geological exploration; logging; seismic mapping; scientific surveillance; and, military & other training exercises.

  We have provided dehydrated meals for many military training exercises and other expeditions. The feedback we receive from this type of client is overwhelmingly positive.


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