Bulk quantities of our dehydrated dinners are vacuum sealed and storage ready for any emergency. They are a must have in any disaster preparedness kit. Your dehydrated vacuum sealed food pack will stay fresh for up to two years. After two years the product will not sour but there will be some loss of flavour (which probably isn't your bigest concern in an Emergency but we believe in transparency). Our food is dehydrated to as little as 10% water content (Aw) meaning there isn't enough water left in the food to develop or promote the growth of bacteria. Food that is dehydrated to these levels technically has no expiry date in Canada but we do encourage people to rotate their Emergency or Disaster Preparedness stocks for freshness.

Any of our regular dehydrated meals are available in Emergency Preparedness Packs so you have your choice of up to 20 meal options.

The typical Emergency Preparedness pack has on average 10 individual meal servings but we can customize more or less to your size preference. Each pack comes complete with rice and pasta so your meal is ready to eat.

We offer our Speedy Boil in a Bag option for Emergency Preparedness Packs so you have your choice of Regular dehydrated dinners or the Speedy Boil in a Bag type meal. The Speedy Boil in a Bag option is simply a matter of adding boiling water to rehydrate. The regular dehydrated meal option requires a heat source for proper and full rehydration.

Discounts apply for more than 10 meals in an Emergency Preparedness Pack. Each pack comes labelled with the date of packaging, product ingredients and cooking instructions sealed inside the pack.

Please call for quotes or email kitchen@yamnuska.com

The following package is an example of our 10 meal emergency ration pack.