It seems pretty logical to us that high quality inputs yield high quality outputs. The ingredients of our meals are carefully selected by our Food Services Manager and are constantly being review based on actual field feedback. We buy our ingredients from local stores and distributors in Canmore, Banff and Calgary. Given that we have virtually no storage space, everything is bought as it is being used. Buying local high quality foods isn’t always the cheapest but quality is our focus.

A significant difference between our meals and some of freeze dried competitive product is that we actually cook our meals on a stovetop. We simmer our meals for often times hours to allow the flavour to stew into the entire dish. Only then do we dehydrate the full meal. We encourage you to check out how some competitors package their meals - you may be surprised to know that they just add a combination of individually freeze dried ingredients into a bag. Your meal is never actually cooked! We think you will notice the difference when you taste our dinners.

Alberta is arguably North America’s beef capital (Calgary is nicknamed Cow Town) and with an abundant and diverse agricultural industry we have access to exceptional organic and non organic fresh foods. Where possible we buy local. Spices are purchased through our food distributor and come from all over the world.

An ingredients label is shipped with every dehydrated meal.