We have two basic types of products:
1. Our dehydrated soups and dinners
2. Full trip/expedition menu planning, packing and procurement

Aside from taste, having a field ready product is our advantage over any other backcountry food provider. We are a mountaineering and hiking company! Our product comes field ready and field tested. An evaluation is sent to every guest on a Yamnuska trip where food is provided and we use that feedback to constantly refine our products. Being a small company, word of mouth is everything so we need to get it right.

Make a guest or a guide carry too much food and you are going to hear about it. Don’t send enough food - you definitely hear about that! With full trip catering, field packaging needs to be minimal and easily sorted when in the field. It needs to be labeled and any allergies or intolerances guests may have means that field ready food cannot always be packaged together. When you are in the field, you need to focus on the task at hand and not be spending unnecessary time dealing with food issues.

What facilities you have at your disposal (full kitchen, camping stove, camp fire) will greatly influence what type of food system you want to plan for.

Dynamics also change when group size increases. Planning for a large group can be daunting even for experienced trip organizers. Our experience managing large groups means you can outsource that level of coordination to us.

Don't take chances with your food system. You have enough to worry about when you are in the backcountry.