How much does a single serving dehydrated meal weigh?

This varies from meal to meal but the range is from 70g to 125g. Please visit our products page for each individual products single serving weight.  A serving is a serving so the individual weight of the product has nothing to do with portion size and everything to do with the ingredients, how much water is removed and how the product re-hydrates.  Each dehydrated meal is served with a variety of pastas, rice or potato mix.  The weights of those are listed below:

  • A single serving of rice weighs 50g (1/2 cup)
  • A single serving of pasta weighs 125g. We generally ship 150g for winter activities.
  • A single serving of potato mix weighs 60g

How long does the dehydrated food last?

Technically there is no expiry date for dehydrated foods in Canada.  However, since we add no preservatives and we want our customers to enjoy the highest quality food product, we recommend that our dehydrated meals be consumed within 6 months of purchase for maximum taste and quality. Unless requested our product is not shipped vacuumed sealed. Vacuum sealing will extend the life of our dehydrated meals to over 12 months. All of our Emergency Preparedness packages are shipped in a vacuum sealed package but we do still recommend you replace your stock annually.

Some freeze dried food companies advertise that their food will last for 25 years while at the same time recommending you replace your stocks annually! While that is impressive, we don't think anything that has a 25 year shelf life can be classified as high quality food.

Our meals are also great for just enjoying a quick meal at home or in the office should your expiry date be upcoming.

Why can’t you ship outside of Alberta?

Right now, our food permit is an Alberta restaurant permit. Coming soon we will be able to ship our product all over Canada.

How quickly does the food take to re-hydrate?

This varies from product to product but generally with a constant heat source, your meal rehydrates within 15 minutes. To save stove fuel and reduce cook time, you can add cold water to your meal for up to an hour in advance of cooking it.  The water will start the hydration process before you start burning fuel to heat your meal. 

Our Speedy Boil in a Bag meals rehydrate within 8 minutes of adding boiling water.

Does the food come with cooking instructions?

All of our dehydrated meals come with detailed cooking instructions. Our full trip catering is very well labeled and contains all of the cooking and preparation instructions you will need you prepare and enjoy your food. Full trip catering comes with a complete manifest of your trip’s food.

For full trip catering, is the food easy to sort in the field?

We sort and label food very clearly for you. We remove unnecessary packaging which minimizes weight and reduces the garbage you need to deal with. Your manifest will contain the details for what is required to prepare each meal. We use a variety of package sizes and will vacuum seal certain products for maximum freshness.

What types of allergies and intolerances have you dealt with in the past?

We have dealt with everything from single intolerances to very complex diets. We will reiterate that anyone who has a serious or life threatening allergy should be responsible for their own food handling and packaging.
Most allergies and intolerances (gluten, lactose, nut, egg, etc) are manageable for us if properly identified at time of order. We recommend you make your own food arrangements if you have any serious allergic reaction to certain foods. A variety of common food allergens are used in our facility and we cannot guarantee your food hasn't come in contact with an allergen.

What allergens are used in your facility?

We store and prepare all types of food at our facility including nuts, eggs, lactose, wheat, flour, sugar, and meats. If your diet restrictions are so serious that you cannot come in contact with any of these or other allergens, we recommend you prepare your own food. We would like to remind anyone with a serious allergic issue that food handling and storage in a backcountry setting can be complex and the only way to truly isolate your food from allergens is to have it packed, stored and prepared separately from any other food contact.

How many calories does each meal contain?

We are in the process of having nutrition labels developed for all of our meal but the average dehydrated meal contains about 700 calories. Please contact us for more information but given the nature of most multi day backcountry trips we design our meals to be on the higher side of a typical dinner. Full trip catering templates for calorie planning can be found under our ‘Calorie Planning’ page.

Your calorie planning page identifies a difference between aerobic and anaerobic activities. Can you give examples of what you consider anaerobic, aerobic, and heavy aerobic?

Anaerobic Activity examples:
Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Canoeing, Fly Fishing, Rafting, Walking

Aerobic Activity examples:
Moderate Hiking, General Mountaineering, Kayaking,

Heavy Aerobic Activities:
Ski Touring, Ultra Marathons, Big Alpine Route Climbing, Steep Terrain Hiking, Mountain Biking, Activities with a heavy pack

If I order multiple servings of a single meal do they come packaged individually or as a large serving?

You tell us how you want it! We will assume you want individual servings unless you specify on your order that you want a group sized portion.