There is a difference in how moisture is removed when freeze drying and dehydrating food. 

Depending on what you read, there are advantages and disadvantages of each process but for us, the balance of weight, taste, nutritional value and cost still sway us to dehydrate our meals. Plus in Canada, most retail packaged freeze dried meals are imported and we think there is some merit to buying local.

The advantages commonly cited for dehydrating food is that it packs up smaller and doesn’t negatively impact taste or nutritional content. We start with exceptional meals hand made in small batches and in our opinion that’s the most important attribute of our product.

Freeze dried food generally rehydrates quicker given the process that is involved in removing the moisture. We sample a lot of freeze dried foods for taste and while there are some decent boil in a bag freeze dried foods on the market we only dehydrate.

Probably the biggest difference between our product and the international freeze dried companies is the small batch process. Whether you prefer freeze drying or dehydration, our small batches of high quality meals are tough to beat. If you start with a high quality product you finish with a high quality product. Some people claim that any hot meal in the backcountry is a good meal. We respectfully disagree.

As with all moisture removed food, proper re-hydration prior to consumption is very important. In high impact or long endurance activities, keeping your body properly hydrated is challenging and can on its own create issues with energy levels, strength and concentration. Keeping hydrated is even more critical when you consume dried or dehydrated foods.

If you are comparing our meals to freeze dried packaged options please look closely at the caloric values of each meal. Many of the products advertise that a bag portion is sufficient for two people so you need to be cautious of the clories in a single portion not the full bag. In our experience, what some packaged meals advertise as quantity that is sufficient for two people is barely enough for one hungry person. Our single meal dehydrated portions and full trip catering assume you are active and hungry. We rarely get quantity complaints. Check out our calorie planning page for our philosophy. Each dehydrated food product has specific details on caloric values.