We treat all food allergies and intolerances very seriously.

It’s one thing to have a food allergy.  It’s another thing to have an allergic reaction in the backcountry where assistance can often be days away. Food allergies or intolerances can be very serious so please call us or read our information carefully before placing your order. Our dehydrated meals are well labelled and contain all of the appropriate information. Full trip catering is more complex for food allergies or intolerances and if we can't accommodate your issue we will be upfront.

We have extensive experience dealing with a variety of allergies or intolerances and can usually deal with most non-complex requirements for full trip catering. It is critical you identify any allergies or intolerances at time of ordering. Nuts, eggs, seafood and a variety of other potential allergens are used in our kitchen. Those who suffer from serious or life threatening reactions to any food should consider preparing their own meals. While we take every measure to ensure the quality and integrity of our food, please be aware that we do not isolate common allergens from any of our products and will reiterate that people with serious allergies or reactions to food should make alternative arrangements.

With proper identification we can typically deal with Lactose intolerance and gluten intolerances.

Vegetarian, Lactose Free and Gluten Free options are widely available in both dehydrated meals and full trip catering. Vegan and other lifestyle menu options are also available. Surcharges apply.