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Did you Know?

Posted on Friday, August 23, 2013 by Webchef in

Did you know that most of the freeze dried and dehydrated meals you buy in stores today are just a combination of individually freeze dried ingredients and powders put into a bag?

That’s right. Most of the dehydrated and freeze dried products on the market simply combine individual freeze dried ingredients and powdered spices and call that a meal. Prior to you adding hot water, the ingredients have not stewed or been cooked together. Bulk quantities of peas, carrots, meat and spices are freeze dried in large batches and then combined at time of packaging. Not at Yamnuska.

All of our dehydrated meals start off as high quality ingredients and are actually cooked/stewed together prior to being dehydrated – like you would cook a dinner at home. This is a significant flavor difference and why we consistently get amazing feedback on our dinners.

We think in order to call a product we sell you a ‘dinner’ at some point it should have been cooked together prior to being dehydrated. Hand cooked in small batches is what gives us the taste and quality difference over these other types of products.

And, when you buy one portion from us, it’s actually a portion for a hungry active person. Most packaged meals today advertise that the portion serves two people but in our experience, two active people might be disappointed……and a little hungry. 

Give our dinners a try for yourself and let us know what you think.

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