Our dehydrated meals and full service trip catering comes as a result of over 35 years experience in the backcountry. Like anyone else who spends a day or a month in the wilderness, we know that food is one of those things that can make or break a trip. Over the course of the last 30+ years, we developed specific meals, menus and packaging that works for all kinds of wilderness and backcountry trips.  From multi-day outings to long alpine routes or day tripping from a base camp, every meal and menu has been tried, tested, refined and perfected to suit the specific attributes of almost every trip. Oh yeah, it also tastes fantastic!

Our dehydrated meals are cooked in small batches in our tiny kitchen in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. We use high quality ingredients and spices that are designed to balance taste, dehydrated meal weight, nutritional content and calories. From the stove, the meals go into our dehydrators where we remove the moisture over a period of up to 18 hours. This is the difference between dehydration and freeze drying. We do not freeze dry food and no preservatives are added to any of our dehydrated meals. We think you will appreciate this focus on quality when you try one. We use a Rotronic HP23-AW water meter to ensure we have the optimal level of water removed for every batch of food we dehydrate. If you look at how some of the competitive freeze dried product is packaged, their product is never actually cooked prior to you adding hot water. Most companies just add a combination of freeze dried ingredients and spices into a bag and call that a meal! Not us, we stew the flavour into your dinner.

Full Service Food Planning for longer trips and expeditions can be complex. For more information on our approach to this please visit our Product page. Depending on the trip, we develop menus and meals that best suit your location, types of cooking facilities, how you are travelling and the activity you are participating in. Most people tend to pack too much food which not only wastes money but it adds unnecessary weight or takes up precious room. We adjust packaged sizes to suit individuals and groups while considering the activity and the location. All food is consolidated and packed for the field in our kitchen in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. Don't underestimate how important field packaging is. Minimizing packaging yet ensuring your food is well protected is critical.

Our food services team regularly caters or prepares dehydrated meals for groups over 50 people for military exercises, seismic exploration, logging operations and oil and gas drilling. 

We hold a restaurant food service permit for the Province of Alberta and undergo bi-annual inspections by a provincial food inspector.