Shepherd’s Pie

A true Yamnuska Classic! We get amazing feedback on this meal every time it goes out the door so if you like that "mom's home cooking" taste, give this one a try. This delicious beef and vegetable mix is hydrated to desired consistency and served with our creamy mashed potato mix. Add the potatoes on the side or go classic by layering them on top. We have some great stories from customers about our Shepherd’s Pie being cooked ‘traditional’ in a deep dish and baked in a Dutch Oven with melted cheese.  Whether you have one pot facilities or a full kitchen at your disposal, the Shepherd’s Pie will no doubt be a hit.

Shown in the picture with parsley lightly sprinkled on the potatoes.

Single Serving Weight: 110g + 60g for the Potato Mix

Served over Potato Mix

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    Lactose Free Lactose Free