Yamnuska Mountain Adventures has been in business since 1977.  Starting out as a mountain school and mountain guiding company, we have been a strong presence in the Canadian Rockies ever since. For 35 years we have been running guided and instructional trips in the Canadian Rockies and all over the world so no matter where our guides and guests travel, our food goes along for the ride. We are the oldest mountain school in Canada and from our office in Canmore we do guiding, training and instruction for civilian and military clients from all over the world.

Many years ago, we started including food as part of the full service package for some of our trips. Programs became way too complex when everyone was preparing their own meals and people either brought too much or not enough food (and even those who brought enough food, sometimes it was the wrong kind of food). Meal time can also be a highly social component of any backcountry outing so we discovered that there were numerous benefits to doing group meals. With proper food and nutrition that balanced pack weight, we quickly realized that food was not just important but CRITICAL to a successful program. In less hospitable environments, meal time has nothing to do with being social and everything to do with getting nutrition into your body quickly. That is the inspiration for our Speedy Meals and what we call our 'alpine food system'.

Over the course of providing tens of thousands of backcountry meals throughout the last 35 years, many of our guests asked if we could provide food for their personal trips. Fast forward to today and food is now a product of its own. Anyone who spends time in the backcountry knows that a food system is as important as anything else you plan for.

Today, Yamnuska Mountain Adventures remains a premier provider of mountain skills training and adventures in the Canadian Rockies so we have not lost our edge on constantly field testing food. Our guides and guests go everywhere with our food so we have a continuous feedback loop for what works and what doesn’t. We are an adventure company who has a pretty amazing food product, not a food company that never gets outside.  We live in the mountains and spend all of our time in high, remote and often unfriendly places. So when you combine that experience with high quality food you have a product that is field ready, tested and constantly getting better. We hope you enjoy it.

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