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Engage our hassle-free & convenient backcountry food services for your group adventure!

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Yamnuska Backcountry Kitchen seal..  We love sharing our expertise with you through the food services we offer in the Yamnuska Backcountry Kitchen, and through the tips and insights we post on our Yamnuska Backcountry Kitchen blog.

Yamnuska Backcountry Kitchen seal..  The Canadian Rockies is our home, our playground, and we have extensive experience feeding clients from all over the world while they participate in our public and private backcountry adventures. 

Backcountry Food Services for huts and camping

Backcountry Camping & Hut Trips – Custom Menus

Hiking, climbing, skiing and walking are all great adventures in the Canadian Rockies and many are based from backcountry campsites or huts. Most huts have good cooking facilities including gas stove tops, cooking pots, utensils and clean up stations. On the other hand, backcountry campsite menus require careful consideration of the limited cooking facilities (often one pot, one stove); the season and expected weather while out; and, the activities planned.

When choosing our full food service we begin with customizing the menu for your tastes, nutritional needs and with enough calories to meet the physical demands of the daily objectives you plan while on your adventure. Food is carried in and so weight also becomes a key focus when designing a suitable menu for hut-based or backcountry campsite accommodations.

We can provide all the food provisions you need for preparing and enjoying our custom backcountry food menus. We can build menus for both short and long trips, and they are customized to your needs once an order is confirmed. For more information and to begin the conversation with our chef about your trip, please follow the image link.

Dehydrated Dinners

Dehydrated Dinner Entrées

Planning a menu to meet individual and group tastes and their nutrition needs, and preparing the food while in the backcountry is complex.

Visitors to the area, who are concerned about high quality food availability or simply don’t have the time to source it locally when you arrive in Banff/Canmore/Canadian Rockies, can contact us to provide dinners and other food products to ease your planning burden.

Building Your Own Backcountry Menu

When you are creating your own food menu for an upcoming backcountry adventure, our dehydrated dinners provide a great range of flavour options to compliment any single or multi-day menu you create. Check out the useful knowledge in our blog on nutrition & menu planning for the backcountry. All of our dinner entrées in the online shop have nutrition information available to help you find exactly what you are looking for. And if you find you need some inspiration making selections, follow the image link and our chef will be pleased to assist you.

Backcountry food services for outfitters and large groups

Outfitters and Large Group Orders

Ideal for base camp settings our dehydrated meals rehydrate quickly, are easily prepared for large groups, and they are a definite morale boost for tired and hungry groups. Cooks will appreciate how easy the meals are to prepare and rehydrate.

As with all of our dehydrated meals temperature does not impact the quality of the dried meals so no refrigeration or cooling is required during storage. Yamnuska Backcountry Kitchen dehydrated dinner entrées can be stored below freezing and can go through multiple  freeze & thaw cycles with no impact to the food quality or its performance.

Many work sites, camps and training activities are ideal for our bulk ordering service. Some examples include:

  • Logging
  • Seismic mapping
  • Geological exploration
  • Military training exercises
  • Other training exercises
  • Scientific surveillance

We have provided dehydrated meals for many military training exercises and other expeditions. The feedback we receive is overwhelmingly positive. For more information, follow the image link and tell us how we can help you.

hiking and backpacking hut in the rockies

Hiking and Backpacking

Learn more about guided hiking in the Canadian Rockies. The majestic Canadian Rockies are home to Canada's best front country and backcountry hiking.

Wilderness First Aid

Choose from courses like, Advanced Adventure Medic – Wilderness First Responder, Adventure Medic – 40 hour and Wilderness Remote Responder.

Guided Climbing and Mountaineering

From Canmore, Alberta, we have hosted clients from Canada and all over the world for over 40 years.